Before we dive into the the Super 73 Scout, I want to give you a quick intro into this new article series entitled “I Want This”. I chose this as the title for the series as it really doesn’t get too much deeper than what the title suggests. Each article of the series will be something that I really want and why I want it. My aim with this series is to give you a heads up on some cool upcoming tech and sometimes some other non-tech products, as well as give myself a channel to express my deep longing for the product in question! Simple right? Let’s do this..

The Super 73 Scout E-Bike is the kind of product that you never really thought you wanted or needed until you have seen Lithium Cycles promo videos. In fact, I had to ask myself after watching the videos initially, if I really did want the bike, or had I just drank their marketing Kool-Aid. The videos in question, like most advertisements, give you a sense of what your life could be like if you owned a Super 73 Scout. Adventure, freedom, beauty and the Californian dream are sold through a video that could be described as most peoples dream Instagram story.

Once I got past the this imagined life with the Super 73 Scout, I started to think practically about what owning this machine would mean for real me, not the sun kissed, surfing, Californian version of me. The range of 20 miles is excellent. The special edition “Rose Ave.” version actually has double the range of 40 miles. In a city, this pretty much means I can get where ever I want to get to and back easily,over multiple trips. It also seems to handle more rocky terrain quite well based on the promo videos, which also expands the possibilities of destination and use.

Credit: Lithium Cycles

One of the key features that initially caught my eye was how comfortable and easy to use the Super 73 Scout looks to ride. It seems like a machine that could provide a lot of the benefits of products like the Boosted Board, but with a smaller learning curve. I can’t skate, and I don’t think I’ll ever spend the time to get to a point where I’d be comfortable using an electric skateboard like the Boosted Board. This means that if I want a cool, electric mode of transport, and don’t have the cash for a Tesla, then this might be my best option. The ride position looks relaxed and comfortable. It also seems like a ride position that gives you more control than a traditional ride position on a bicycle, which could be important during the learning process and in general use in traffic.

Credit: Lithium Cycles

I can’t really justify my need for this, but it doesn’t mean I want it any less. I really think that this is a product that, like the Google Home, you could probably live without if you never had one, but couldn’t live without once you’ve experienced it. I love the Californian aesthetic that is part of the very fabric of this product, from design to marketing. I think that owning a Super 73 Scout could actually add adventure to my life in ways that no other product could. I’ll end on that note as my finger hovers over the pre-order button on Lithium Cycles website.