“I Want This” Series: Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV


4K Televisions are on the cusp of becoming commonplace in most houses over the next few years. Like previous leaps forward in resolution standards, once the content becomes ubiquitous and the next step up in quality starts to be explored, prices will become more reasonable. Until that point, for most of us, 4K OLED viewing is still just a dream.

Sony are fuelling these dreams with one of the most impressive offerings in the TV game at right now. The Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV is a work of art. A near bezel-less design is something that is sweeping the smartphone world right now, but televisions have been aiming to go bezel-less for years now. I don’t think anyone has succeeded quite as successfully as Sony has with the Bravia A1E. This minimalist design is exactly how I like it, with nothing to distract from the viewing experience. Compared to my current TV, with close to a 2 inch bezel all around, this is so far superior that it’s almost incomprehensible. The design from Sony is focused on giving you an experience that is engaging and immersive. The design of the A1E is one that I really hope Sony brings to all of their range. The minimalist, bezel-less design would not be out of place on the next Xperia phone from Sony either.

At almost $4000 dollars for the 65 inch model, this is definitely a luxury item. Only those with deep pockets and a deep appreciation for what Sony has achieved here will get to experience this television. In a couple of years, we might all be watching the latest episode of whatever Netflix has churned out on a TV of this quality, but for now it’s just another piece of beautiful tech that is out of my grasp.