Headphones are one of those things that we can’t seem to leave the house without. We’ve all known the dread of having to face into a day in work or a long journey without being able to block the rest of the world out. This list is by no means for the audiophile amongst you, however even a listener with the most discerning of taste should find our following picks of high quality. This list is for those of us that are still rocking the standard buds that came with our iPhone or Android device. The first step into the vast world of high quality audio can be daunting, but this list should give you enough options to make your decision a little easier.

Before we are bombarded with a barrage of comments claiming that we’ve missed the “best” headphones, this list is not definitive. With the range of choice on the market today, we have undoubtedly missed some good options. Help us and your fellow readers out by adding some of the others top contenders in this range into the comments.

Best Wired Headphones Under $150

Seinheisser HD 380 Pro Headphones

No list of “Best Headphones” would be complete without at least one Sennheiser option. Sennheiser consistantly produce headphones that just sound great. While definitely not the prettiest headphones at this price point, the HD 380 Pro headphones offer exceptional sound quality for a relatively cheap cost. Built for professionals such as sound engineers or editors, these headphones perform equally well for us regular listeners as well. They are also durable with large ear pads, so you shouldn’t have any issues if you find the pads on some over ear headphones a little small.

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Beats EP Headphones

For under $150 Beats offer a stylish and great sounding pair of headphones with the EP’s. If you are looking for headphones that make a statement, then look no further. The build quality is excellent and the Beats EP’s come in black, white, red and the blue you can see here. We’re not crazy about the non-detachable cable, but coming in at just under $100, they are a great choice when it considering a new pair of headphones.

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Best Wireless Headphones Under $150

Marshall Major II Wireless Headphones

Marshall is a name most of us recognize, but we’re not sure where from. With a stellar history of producing class leading amplifiers and speaker cabinets behind them, Marshall entered the personal audio game a couple of years back. While relatively new in the headphone market, they make great sounding headphones with an awesome look and build quality. The Major II headphones should definitely a top consideration when looking at wireless headphones under $150 and can even compete if you are looking at higher price ranges. The 3.5mm socket can also be used to share your music with others, which could definitely be useful for long car journeys or if you are watching a movie with someone else and the standard laptop speakers just won’t cut it.

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Sennheiser HD 4.40

These Sennheiser headphones are a lot better looking than the HD 380 Pro’s above. Their matte black look is understated but slick and their compact form factor make these headphones perfect for people on the move. in terms of sound, the Sennheiser Hd 4.40 BT sound really great. At this price range there are few competitors that can come close. With Sennheisers proprietary drivers powering the sound in these headphones you get a classic Sennheiser sound that rich and full regardless of what type of audio you are listening to.

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Best Earbuds Under $150

BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The often maligned Beats have come up trumps here again with a highly stylish pair of wireless earbuds that sound very good.
In the past Beats have been accused of being bass heavy, however this is not the case for the BeatsX. A clean, even sound that suits almost every genre of music means that you get the most from these buds in any situation.
The comfortable, waterproof headphones can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort, just ensure your select the right size buds for your ear canal size.
The BeatsX work great with both iOS and Android devices, but you can get the most out of these with iOS as they integrate a lot of the Apple Airpods features including the great syncing features and lightning charging. While they may not look as good as Airpods for some, they offer superior audio quality at a slightly cheaper price.

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JayBird X3

The JayBird X3’s offer a great all round experience. The X3’s are great for sports and are sweat resistant (although not waterproof). They feel comfortable to wear for long periods, although the wings can take a little getting used to for some people. Once you do get used to this however, you may never want to go back to traditional fit earbuds. The durability and versatility of the JayBird X3 wireless Bluetooth earbuds make them a great upgrade at a reasonable price. For those looking to save a little more, check out the previous model, the JayBird X2. These should be a little cheaper while still offering most of the good features of their newer version.

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