Android Apps that will make your life easier


This is the first part of a series in which we explore some of the best apps out there today that can improve your life. Some of these apps might already be known to you, but we hope that we can unearth some life changing, or at least day changing apps for you.

Android Auto

If you aren’t one of the lucky few to have an car that comes with android auto; or don’t have the cash to buy a new stereo with Google’s auto application software pre-installed, then this could be your best alternative. This super useful app not only makes your driving experience easier, it also makes it safer. Large icons and text mean that you can spend less time focusing on making a call or switching songs and can focus more closely on what’s really important, the road ahead.
To fully maximise your experience pair your phone with your Bluetooth car stereo or if you have an older vehicle that has an aux port then get yourself one of these Bluetooth receivers to make the experience better.


This handy app keeps all your to-do lists and tasks in one place. Forget the post-it notes on your refrigerator or smeared, barely legibly scrawls on the back of your hand, Wunderlist allows you to have instant access to your lists across multiple platforms on every device you own. Not only can you access your personal lists from anywhere, you can also have shared lists with another Wunderlist user. Wunderlist is the perfect solution of the ever changing family shopping list, team task lists at work or simply keeping some of us more unorganized people on track in life.

Sleep Orbit

For any reader that finds the sweet embrace of sleep elusive or simply want to improve the quality of their sleep; Sleep Orbit could be what you are looking for. You’ve probably already heard of the benefits of ambient sounds or white noise when it comes to getting to sleep, well Sleep Orbit builds on this to provide a huge collection of sounds and features aimed at ensuring you’re getting the most from your 8 hours. The sounds can be added like layers and can be positioned to seem like they are coming from a particular direction. You can move them further or closer to you to increase their volume and build the perfect combination for the best results for you. The combinations you can create are endless and this is definitely one we would recommend to try, especially as the app is completely free!