So Summer should be the time of year that we leave our couch and go outside to experience the joys of the season of light. But some of us live in places that summer is only really noticeable by the rain getting warmer and Despacito being drilled into our ears every hour on the radio. If you fall into this category or just want to spend what remains of your Summer getting knee deep in a new show, I have compiled a list of 5 of the less obvious shows Netflix has brought to its library. This isn’t a list of the best Netflix has produced, as I didn’t feel that pointing those out provided any value to you.


Simply put, Glow is glorious! The show is a hilarious slice of 80’s nostalgia based around the world of women’s wrestling. I was a little bit hesitant to start this show if I’m honest. I fell into the old, tired way of thinking that this was a show that was targeted at female viewers. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While the main characters are an assemble of strong female characters led by Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, the show focuses on delivering strong a comedic and dramatic story over going down the Amy Schumer route of cheap jokes based on gender.


This show is the newest show on the list having been released just earlier this Summer. The show features Jason Bateman as a financial adviser Marty Bird who also happens to be a money launderer for one the the biggest Mexican cartels. The show is well paced and the performances by Bateman as the straight man in a bad situation, and Laura Linney as Bateman’s wife dealing with a struggling marriage in the midst of a dangerous new world are strong. Ozark is not flawless, but it is great television and will never leave you bored. Some may be put of by Bateman in a more serious role, but don’t be. He plays this dramatic role excellently, while still retaining some of the humour in his character that made him a star.

Last Chance U

While not a follower of American football, I would be the first to admit that some of my favourite sports movies are based in the world of this sport. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started watching this show, but I can guarantee you that what this show delivered far exceeded any of my initial expectations. The show documents the football season of East Mississippi Community College. On the surface this looks like a run of the  mill documentary, but the backgrounds of the players, the dynamic of the school and those that work with the players make this show stand out from the crowd. If someone had to sit down and write a script for this show, they couldn’t have created better characters or a more interesting story than what reality actually delivers.

Marco Polo

Bear with me on this one. While this show has many detractors, I thought that this show delivers a lot to its viewers. While not the perfect show by any means, it is a gorgeous show to look at, with some of the best set design on TV. For me the star of this show is not the main protagonist Marco Polo, but it is Benedict Wong’s Kublai Khan that really shines. He is engaging and complex as the ruler that must move his people towards a brighter future while struggling with the glory and burden of the Mongols past. You are rewarded for sticking with the first season of this show with a much improved second season that learns from some of the mistakes its predecessor.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

This funny and often bizarre show based on the cult 2001 movie “Wet Hot American Summer” might not be to everyone’s taste. It’s absurdity could be too much for some viewers, however the beauty of this show is that if you were of a fan of the movie, you will love this! It doesn’t try to evolve its comedy or get grittier, it stays true to the characters we saw when they first hit our screens. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp features some of the biggest names in comedy and Hollywood in general and you can really feel that the stars that cut their teeth in the original movie have fun in this series.
Don’t expect to get any deeper understanding of the mysteries of life after watching this show, but you can expect to laugh, cringe and have a puzzled look on your face in equal measure on watching this show.