With just over a week until Christmas, the race is on to get those last few gifts for the family members or friends in our life for who we can never find that perfect gift. Today, I’m going to share with you five gifts that you can still get that will be be great and useful to almost anyone, and also won’t hurt your pocket too much.


Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a fantastic gift for both techies and non-techies. You will never realize you needed your own personal voice assistant until you have one. The Google Home Mini uses the same technology that’s built into Google’s mobile voice assistant and can do lots of useful things, from controlling your smart home to telling you if you need a coat or umbrella when you leave the house. The list of things that you can do with the Google Home Mini is too long to go through here, and is being updated frequently. Pick this up for someone and let them discover how this can change their life for the better.

You can buy the Google Home Mini for $29 right now ($49 normally). 



Who hasn’t spent 10 minutes before they leave for work in the morning searching furiously for keys, a wallet, or something else small and easy to lose? Tile is here to help. Basically, a Tile is a small device that uses Bluetooth to find something that you’ve lost. Sounds great, but what if you’ve lost something and it isn’t within distance to be found using Bluetooth? Well Tile has functionality to use the Tile app on all other Tile users phones to search for your missing item. Once it’s found, you can view where your item is on a map. This is the perfect gift for anyone, and they will really appreciate this the first time they have to use it…and every time after.

Different Tile products vary in price from about $20/€20 – $35/€38. Bundles are available also at www.thetileapp.com


Casio Digital Watch

This one is definitely for those of you on a budget. Don’t underestimate this timeless (excuse the pun) watch. We all remember these Casio’s from our youth and they are just as good now as they were back then. Cheap, durable and comfortable, this is a great watch for anyone who is outdoors a lot or wants something around their wrist that they won’t care if it breaks or gets scratched. If the person you are buying a gift for also likes an accessory that makes a statement, this could be a cool, unconventional gift. This classic now comes in various colours as well, but I think that you can’t beat the original.

The Casio Unisex Collection Digital Watch varies in price based on styles, but the original can be picked up for under $10/€10 on Amazon


Scratch Map

For anyone in your life that loves to, or has ambitions to travel the world, this is a great present. It’s as simple as it sounds, you just scratch of the places you’ve been to, giving a feeling of accomplishment and also driving you to get out there and get more places scratched off. If your buying it for someone who thinks they might be a little to old to hang posters in their bedroom, there are some pretty high quality takes on this idea out there to find. These obviously come at a higher price though.

The map in the photo is one from Scratch the World®. It’s around $20/€17 on Amazon. 


Norsens Lightweight Laptop Backpack

Backpacks are great gifts for someone, as most of us use them at some point in the day, either for work or casually, or both. The Norsens Lightweight Laptop Backpack is a great backpack to get for someone as this can be easily used in both casual and work settings. Its clean and understated design will look good in any situation and inside it has more compartments than you will know what to do with! It doesn’t come in flashy colours, but the black, dark grey and grey blue colours look really great. It’s also one of the most popular backpacks on Amazon, so you’re not just taking my word on it.

You can find this Backpack on Amazon for about $40/€35.